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Enter the mind of the genius

The World of Leonardo da Vinci

"Distinctive works of genius are all over this startling exhibition…"
The World of Leonardo da Vinci is a traveling exhibition about the Renaissance Master, a brand new multi-sensory experience that offers an unprecedented interactive journey through the mind of Leonardo da Vinci.

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  • Thematic areas
  • Life-size and scale machine models
  • Never-before-seen interpretations
  • Three interactive codices (over 2,000 pages and 600 3D models)
  • Hands-on interaction (on touch screens and physical models)
  • Digital restorations of the paintings
  • Reconstruction of The Last Supper just as it was when Leonardo completed it


This is an exhibition with new machines and discoveries resulting from unprecedented studies of Leonardo da Vinci's work, produced by the Leonardo3 Museum in Milan, which has received the Award of Excellence from the President of the Italian Republic.

Comparison with other exhibitions
The World of Leonardo da Vinci is a unique exhibition produced by Leonardo3, a research center devoted to the study and scientific popularization of Leonardo da Vinci's work, since its foundation in 2004.
From the analysis of the original manuscripts, never-before-seen machines have been reconstructed: the Mechanical Lion, the Harpsichord-Viola, the Great Continuous Organ, the Rapid Fire Crossbow, the Great Dragon and many others.

The exhibition offers visitors the opportunity to browse Leonardo's writings in digital format and interact with his inventions in a unique and immersive format (interactive stations and virtual reality).

The digital restoration of The Last Supper is very appreciated by the audience. It allows visitors to discover details lost forever in the masterpiece, and the reproduction on the wall brings the restoration close to how the masterpiece would have appeared in 1498. 
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  inventor  writer  engineer  painter  architect  musician  sculptor  draughtsman
  inventor  writer  engineer  painter  architect  musician  sculptor  draughtsman
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  inventor  writer  engineer  painter  architect  musician  sculptor  draughtsman
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