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1. Other Information for Specific Services
At present, this site does not collect personal information from users for the provision of specific services. Should services be activated that require the collection of data, in all cases, prior to the collection for the activation of a specific service, appropriate information will be provided and, where necessary, the appropriate consent for the processing of personal data will be obtained. 

2. Links to third party sites 
The Site may contain links to other sites; this possibility is clearly indicated in order to inform the user/visitor at the moment of leaving the Leonardo3 srl Site. The user/visitor is therefore invited to pay particular attention to the fact that such sites do not belong to, nor are under the responsibility of Leonardo3 Srl, as they are entirely managed by other companies and/or organizations, for which it is necessary to check and possibly accept their privacy policies. Therefore, Leonardo3 Srl disclaims any responsibility for any request and/or release of personal data to third party sites. 

3. Rights of interested parties
Without prejudice to what is provided for the revocation of the consent given to the processing of data for sending and receiving newsletters in section 1, par.

Without prejudice to the provisions regarding opposition to the processing of data for sending and receiving newsletters in section 1, par. lett.b), the user, for reasons relating to his or her particular position, may object at any time and free of charge to the processing of his or her personal data, if it is based on legitimate interest, by sending his or her request to the Controller at info@leonardo3.net .
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Finally, without prejudice to any other action in administrative or judicial proceedings, the user may lodge a complaint with the competent supervisory authority if he or she detects a violation of his or her personal data and of the regulations applicable to the processing thereof, and also in the event that he or she is not satisfied with the response received to the requests made to the Data Controller on the basis of this article.

In order to exercise these rights and in the event of any problems or requests for clarification regarding this policy and the treatment described herein, please write to the following addresses:
•  info@leonardo3.net ; or also
• Leonardo3 srl - Via Monte Napoleone 9 - 20121 Milan. 

4. Changes to the Policy 
This policy governs the processing of personal data provided by users/visitors when browsing the Site. The possible entry into force of new industry regulations, as well as the constant updating of the services offered to users, may result in the need to modify these arrangements. It is therefore possible that the policy may change over time, so the user/visitor is invited to consult this page periodically.