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San Marino, SMR

The World of Leonardo da Vinci

2013-11-15 - 2014-03-16

Kursaal Convention Center

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Leonardo3 - The World of Leonardo allows you to plunge into the universe of this great Renaissance genius, like never before possible, thanks to futuristic interactive experiences and the amazing unpublished reconstructions of his machines. 

From the digital restoration of the Last Supper, a world premiere on a 1:1 scale, as it was in 1500, to the reconstruction of his Crossbow, his Perpetual Motion machine and his concept of the Ideal City, just to name a few.

The ability to interact on a person level with Leonardo's machines, not to mention his famous works of art and his manuscripts.
The fascination of the Leonardo exhibition in San Marino is extraordinary from the very entrance: you enter a world of applications of the human intellect that seems familiar from school days and about which we discover that we know very little.

Machines, models and a scientific understanding of Leonardo's works of art make it possible to experience (and to work on his designs) the many applications of a genius who was first and foremost a great scholar, a renovator of ancient wisdom even before he was an innovator.

But the exhibition is also the place of the human dream of living in harmony with nature, which we constantly imitate and to which we are indebted.

Mario Tozzi (geologist, researcher, journalist, author and TV host)
The Rapid-fire Crossbow
The Rapid-fire Crossbow
The dream of flight
The dream of flight
The interactive Codex Atlanticus
The interactive Codex Atlanticus
The Last Supper
The Last Supper
The Perpetual Motion
The Perpetual Motion